Day 2: PARIS

After an awful sleep in a boiling hot dorm with people walking in and out at goodness knows what hour, we finally made it onto the Eurostar and slept almost the whole way!

 We finally arrived in Paris and enjoyed our first meal before battling the metro..

Which was actually a lot easier than expected and turns out to basically be the London Tube in a different language!

We arrived at our hostel and decided to explore the area, which we have fallen in LOVE with. Situated next to a canal with boat restaurants and multiple bars, it is an area full of chilled out people and is very peaceful.

After speaking to one of the lovely workers at the hostel we decided to visit the Sacre-Coeur and battled the climb up to the dome, which we were so happy we did. The views were incredible -including those of the Eiffel Tower.

After our visit we decided to have dinner at the hostel and followed this with a walk down the canal (to try and keep us awake a bit longer) and are now relaxing and are very excited for bed!!

Let’s hope we sleep a bit better and our feet don’t ache too much, as tomorrow is a very exciting day…

P.S Don’t worry Auntie Deb – I didn’t leave any clothes under the bed in the London hostel X


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