Day 4: PARIS

Today was our final full day in Paris so first stop was the Eiffel Tower!

Luckily the queues weren’t too long and it didn’t take us long to reach the summit.  Whilst we felt terrified on the way up, the views were so worth it!!

We also saw numerous brides and grooms dressed up having photoshoots by the tower..

We then decided to go and explore the area of the city by Le Louvre.

This included Izzy being in her element telling me all about the classical architecture of the Arc de Triomphe… (yawn)

*it was actually fabulous -Izzy*

After exploring a funfair, seeing incredible street bubbles and eating crepes, we decided to head back to the hostel for some much needed chill time.

We are now sitting in the bar about to watch the France v Iceland football game and the atmosphere is already amazing.

We have loved Paris and definitely want to return soon. However we are very excited to continue our adventure somewhere else tomorrow..


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