Today was an incredibly busy day (hence why the blog is so late) in which we enjoyed being tourists round Amsterdam.

The weather was very different to yesterday as it was dull and rainy. After we had our free breakfast in the big yellow bus ( photo in yesterday’s post) we headed on the metro into the centre of Amsterdam. Our first stop was Gunther von Hagen’s Body World’s Exhibition called “the happiness project”

It was a fascinating museum (slightly gross) with a lot of plasticised (real preserved!!) bodies used to show different parts of the body and the link that they have to our happiness. We were engrossed and spent hours reading and interacting with the exhibits.

We then went for some lunch and decided what else we wanted to see whilst in Amsterdam. Our next stop was visiting the Red Light Sectets Museum of prostitution. This gives you an overview of what the prostitutes in the red light district have to go through on a daily basis and also tells you some sad true stories of human trafficking and people who are tricked into prostitution from other countries.

After this we went for a 1 hour boat cruise around the canals as we aren’t in Amsterdam for very long and this allowed us to see a lot more of the city than we would be able to see on foot or on bike. It made us realise just how beautiful the tall buildings in this city truly are!!

After some dinner in a little restaurant we headed off to Anne Frank’s house. After a 2 and a half hour queue we finally made it in and it was 100% worth the wait. It was truly incredible!

After the museum we walked over to Amsterdam’s extra cool ice bar and enjoyed some drinks and interesting flavours of vodka – including whipped cream!

However we didn’t stay long as we were freezing – Izzy was in shorts and we decided it wasn’t a good sign that her legs were going numb so we headed home on the metro and were very happy to find we had the whole 6 man dorm to ourselves for the night!

Definitely need to sleep and prepare for a more relaxing day tomorrow!


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