Today was much less busy than yesterday’s and it was LUXURY to have such a lie in and to wake up to find out no one had checked in overnight and we still had the whole dorms to ourselves – so relaxing.

We then decided to go and get some breakfast and we even made mini Dutch pancakes, known as poffertjes! These tasted amazing and we definitely got better the more we made..

We were happy to wake up and see the sunshine again so whilst we waited for our shuttle to the station we relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine surrounded by the gorgeous colourful caravans.

Our plan for the day was to simply explore more of Amsterdam and we started this by visiting the flower markets which were beautiful. They were full of gorgeous flowers, bulbs and a lot of tourist souvenirs, which we spent hours exploring through.

As well as the market stalls there were also a lot of shops nearby that we visited including a cheese museum (yes – even though I’m lactose intolerant) that even had sparkling wine cheese, we also went into a Christmas shop (yes – even though it is July) and also the most amazing juice bar that was also a hammock shop which was definitely the most comfortable!

We then relaxed by the side of the canal to enjoy the sunshine and to eat crisps – as you do.

We then headed over to the flea market which was full of so many different stalls selling an array of different things.

We then decided to buy some food and head home to make some dinner. It’s safe to say we will definitely miss this beautiful city!!

After eating as much salad as we could ( yes we overcatered AGAIN) we decided to walk to the massive lake near to our hostel and enjoy the sun setting for our last night!!

Now we are just having our showers and packing all our things ready for an early start to get to the train station for the next adventure…


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