After a very early start we left Lucky Lake and headed off to the train station..

After a confusing start of which platform and which seats to go to, we began our 6 and a half journey to Berlin!!
Luckily we managed to sleep a bit and just relaxed so it didn’t feel as long as it actually was.

We then arrived in Berlin and found that the train line and underground was simple to navigate – the tube in London now seems like a piece of cake!!

We checked into our hostel, which is very beautiful and right next to a beergarden and then decided we needed to go and explore to try and wake ourselves up a bit after the journey.

We decided to go and visit the loxx miniatur welten Berlin, which was an incredible room full of a miniature model of different parts of Berlin.

We then grabbed a subway for dinner (going back to our British roots) and found an amazing ice cream shop (that I wished I could’ve eaten!!)

We then decided to head back to the hostel as we were super tired and sorted out our bags and settled in and then met two hilarious girls from Australia who were also staying in the same dorm as us.

We then headed down to the lobby and got frozen mojitos and settled down to watch the German v France game and chatting with our roommates and are looking forward to another lie in tomorrow!!


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