Today we decided to embrace the Berlin culture and started off with a guided walking tour around Berlin. This was amazing and gave us such a insight into the history. We visited the Brandenburg gate, the Holocaust memorial, the Berlin Wall, checkpoint Charlie and so many other sites. Our guide Rob, was fabulous and was so passionate about the area which made the tour amazing.

As we found this to be the best way to experience Berlin we then decided to book onto another tour with the same guide. We went on the “alternative” tour which involved heading slightly out of the centre of the city and exploring the different types of graffiti and art in some of these areas – most of which is comissioned!

We were taken to alleyways of art work and even to a beach bar!!

We then walked down the east side gallery which is the longest standing part of the Berlin Wall which has been decorated in different piece of artwork by artists from all around the world.

After finishing this we had been walking for over 8 hours so we were exhausted! However to end the day we decided to visit the Ritter Sprort Bunte SchokoWelt chocolate  shop to see how they make their  chocolate ( and of course buy some.) When we left the shop it was POURING so we ran to the underground and headed back to the hostel for dinner.

After a busy day we are now exhausted and are going to head to bed as qe have an early start in the morning!


One thought on “Day 9: BERLIN TOURS

  1. M. Dennison says:

    Wow! You certainly aren’t letting your feet touch the ground. Such amazing sights, and no doubt sounds. So stimulating your heads must crash when you hit the pillow. Wonderful sensory overload. Thank you for sharing it, it’s my best book at bedtime. Lots of love, Nana. & Papa xx

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