Day 11: PRAGUE

Today we packed up our bags and left Pfefferbett hostel and headed on the metro to the main train station in Berlin.

We then bought some food for the journey and headed to our platform to get our train to Prague!

…only to find it was delayed by over 30 minutes.

We finally got onto the train and found our seats and began the journey, which, due to technical difficulties had a lot of stops and at one point involved us being allowed to get off the train to enjoy the views and sunshine

After a 7 hour journey instead of a 4 and a half hour one we finally arrived in Prague and were very happy to be there.

We then headed on the metro to our hostel which is right by the old town square and walking through it was beautiful!

Once we had got changed and freshened up we went to a little cafe on old town square for dinner with mojitos!

But as the Czech money is so different to pounds or euros it felt so weird to part from a 1,000 note!!

We then explored old town square a bit more and were persuaded to have a go on a Segway, which we later paid a deposit to do a whole tour tomorrow!

We then met up with Kyle, Jacob, Charlie, Sam, Ben and 2 French girls from their hostel to have some drinks and watch (what was left) of the football game.

We then wondered around old town square before heading back to the hostel for a well needed sleep!


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