Day 12: PRAGUE 

First off we had a bit of a lie in, showered, freshened up and then headed off to the zoo. After getting our first tram of the trip – without getting lost – and having a VERY confusing time finding the bus stop, we finally made it to Prague Zoo!

As you can tell from the map the zoo was MASSIVE and it is rated the 4th best zoo in the world – so we felt we had to check it out!

It was incredible with so many animals to see and even the cutest little chairlift!

we had a lovely time wandering around, seeing the animals and enjoying the views (even though it was 32 degrees – but we managed not to burn!!)

As the heat was making us very tired and we felt we had covered the zoo, we decided to go back to the hostel; of course walking through old town square which simply is incredible!

We were happy to get back to the dorm to find that all 6 others had checked out (and even now in the dorm no one else has checked in!) This allowed us to have lots of room to sort out our bags and get changed to go out.

Our next stop was to do a Segway tour!! We had a 1 hour private tour with a hilarious guide called Arthur who quickly realised that Izzy and I didn’t quite have the same level of skill as he did, so he dobbed us the “grannies” and used this to mock us – a lot. We had an amazing time and saw lots of things we wouldn’t have been able to see in the short period of time we stayed! This included the John Lennon wall and the 2nd smallest street in Europe that used traffic lights to control pedestrians walking down!

We then went to a gorgeous little restaurant for pizza and pasta (the prices here are so cheap compared to everywhere else) and have headed back to the hostel ready to go to a new city tomorrow!

Even though we have only had a very short stay, we have fallen in love with Prague, it’s beauty, food but definitely NOT its currency!!


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