Day 13: VENICE

Today we packed up our beds and checked out of Hostel Prague Tyn.

*also quick update, in the last blog I definitely spoke too soon as shortly after I said we had the room to ourselves, more than 6 London boys checked into our room!!*

As our flight wasn’t until 5pm we decided to leave our bags at the hostel and go and explore Prague a little bit more by basically wondering down different streets hoping not to get lost! All the streets were gorgeous and we always managed to loop back to Old Town Square.

Whilst on our travels we found a cute little bakery which had the most amazing food – so nice!!

We then got our bags and headed on the mission to the airport – that wasn’t actually too bad just a metro and a bus and we arrived excited to put our heavy rucksacks on a trolley (Izzy got over excited and decided to scoot around the airport with them – maturity levels at a high)

Everything went smoothly regarding the flight, we were there in plenty of time so bag drop wasn’t busy at all and we passed through security and got some food before we got on the flight.

The flight was only 1 hour and 5 minutes and went so quickly – despite the high levels of turbulance!!

We landed and headed to get our bags and find the right bus. After 2 sweaty 20 minute bus journeys and about a 15 minute walk (helped by a lovely man from the area) we made it to our “hostel” which is actually a campsite style hostel with little bungalows and a SWIMMING POOL!

After seeing a pool party sign we immediately knew what our plans were for that evening! We settled into our bungalow and headed over to “ciao bella” the restaurant for dinner, and a cocktail bucket called Ed Sheeran.

The pool party then started and so we decided to brave the pool and had such a good time. There were loads of beach balls so we were playing volleyball and were dragged into a whirlpool moshpit (more fun than it sounds)

Overall we had such a good beginning of our Italy adventures and are now in bed ready to sleep to prepare ourselves for visiting the main centre tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Day 13: VENICE

  1. Ann Serle says:

    Really enjoying reading and seeing the pictures of you both.
    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Keep going at 90mph!!!!!


  2. M. Dennison says:

    Enjoying reading of your adventures Izzie, you girls khow to go with the flow. Prague is definitely on my bucket list. but I don’t think Papa and I could have coped sharing the hostel with 6 London lads, they must have been delighted! xx


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