Day 15: ROME

Today we packed up and checked out of our little bungalow in Venice which we loved! It was nice to have some privacy after sharing many dorms in the other cities!

We then put our bags into the luggage store room and headed back out to the pool to spend our last few hours in Venice relaxing and sunbathing.

We then headed on a slightly confusing tram journey involving not actually knowing the right stop and having to go back on ourselves but we made it to the station in plenty of time to get our train to Rome!

After just under 4 hours we had made it to Roma Termini and only had a 5 minute walk to our hostel – which had the tiniest lift in; Izzy almost got stuck/broke it.

The hostel is really nice with little apartments on each floor, each with a small living room with sofas and beanbags leading into 3/4 rooms. We are sharing with two girls from Argentina in a 4 person dorm.

We then popped over the road for some dinner at a little pizzeria and have now come back to the hostel to shower, catch up with everyone at home, unpack and relax as we are SO tired and need to get enough energy for a lot of exploring tomorrow!

We are now just chilling on the bean bags after having a little jam to Les Mis in our room – it’s a good life.


4 thoughts on “Day 15: ROME

  1. Elaine says:

    So – you 2 aren’t ‘cultured out’ yet!! It just sounds wonderful, amy – grea photos and info. Thank you, I’m loving sharing it.


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