Day 16: When in Rome..

Today we had a nice lie in till 9am and woke up, got ready and headed down for some breakfast given by our hostel – we went down and had the most sugar coated doughnut, pastries and a hot drink. A perfect sugar boost to help us to have enough energy for the day!

We then set off on our adventure with our first stop on the list being the Colloseum, however instead of getting the metro we decided to explore a bit more of the town by walking. This allowed us to see so many beautiful buildings and sights  along the way including the Piazza della Repubblica…

.. And the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

We also saw the monumento a Vitorio Emanuele II.

And Izzy showed her true love for columns ..

…And then we finally arrived at the Colloseum!

After about 45 Minutes of queuing we had got our tickets and were inside with an INCREDIBLE view!

After spending just under an hour sitting on some steps appreciating the incredible ruins and simply chatting about life after we had explored, we realised we were hungry so this probably meant we should head and find food!

Across the road from the Colloseum was a gorgeous little restaurant so we decided to have food there (obviously we had pizza and pasta) and ate with a view of the colloseum!

We then went to explore the Roman Forum where izzy was in her element telling me all about the different sites. It was incredible to imagine that people used to actually live there!

Our next stop was about a 30 minute walk away where we visited the Ara pacis followed by the Spanish steps which were sadly blocked off for building work. We also visited the oldest tearoom in Rome, Babington’s, because we are so British!

We then headed over to the Trevi Fountain which was beautiful and also on the walk over we found vegan ice cream! I had an incredible peach ice cream (Izzy wasn’t quite as excited!)

We then decided to head back to the hostel, about another 25 minute walk and again passed some incredible buildings. 

We then headed to dinner in the same restaurant as last night as it is super easy and close where I had pizza, and Izzy had pasta – truly taking in the Italian Culture, and we then went back to the hostel to shower and chill as we were exhausted after walking 16km!


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