Day 17: 26,000 steps around Rome

Today we woke up again around 9am and headed down for another sugary breakfast!! We then planned our route for the day as there were many monuments that we wanted to see dotted around Rome and our aim was to walk the whole route and not take the metro!

(Both days in Rome Izzy has been the direction giver and I’ve been the water holder – such an important role!!)

Our first stop along the way was to the alleged site of Julius Caesar’s  assassination! (There were also the cutest cats – Izzy was in love!)

We then headed out and our second stop, as recommended by one of the hostel workers, was to the food market at Piazza Farnese. After our slightly unhealthy breakfasts and large amounts of pizza’s and pasta dishes whilst being in Rome we were happy to have some fresh fruit! Also basically all the stalls had free tasters from truffle oil to spices to sundried tomato’s – it was amazing!!

We then began our ascent up a little hill up to Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi.The incredible views we had over Rome made the walk 100% worth it! (You can even see the Emmanuel Monument in the background!)

We then headed back down the hill and very close by was the Vatican – whilst we didn’t go into the museum we still appreciated the gorgeous buildings (and the columns of course!) – it was beautiful!

Very close by we passed the “Castel Sant’ Angelo” which was also beautiful and wandered down by the river looking at the different stalls selling little souvenir gifts and some incredible artwork!

We then headed towards the Pantheon, a piece of Roman temple architecture, built in Hadrian’s reign (around 126BC!!) by M. Agrippa, and went inside – it was so beautifully decorated.

After sitting on some more steps outside and having one of our long chats we headed to our final stop, again recommended by the hostel worker; “Piazza Navona”

He said this is known to be simply beautiful and he was right! It was very peaceful and there were so many artists and caricaturists around it was amazing to simply stand and watch them create these masterpieces – such talent!!

We then began the long walk back to the hostel which was actually shorter than in appeared on the map!

And of course we went for dinner across the road as we have every night in Rome and have showered and packed our bags as sadly we are leaving tomorrow onto a new city!!

We were exhausted after walking over 26,000 steps today so hopefully will sleep well (as long as our roommate isn’t as loud as she was last night!)

Rome has gone so quickly but we have loved being in such a beautiful city and have felt really peaceful and relaxed!


One thought on “Day 17: 26,000 steps around Rome

  1. M. Dennison says:

    Amazed and delighted that you have packed so much into your Rome visit and can prepare to move on feeling relaxed and rested. It really is so great to share some of your joy and enthusiasm. xx


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