Day 18: Relaxing in Naples 

Today was yet another travel day so we packed up our bags and decided to go and relax in the garden of our hostel, in the little patch of sun we could find, before we needed to head to get the train.

We then grabbed some food at the train centre and got onto our train to Naples! It was only an hour so went really quickly.

We then had a bit of a mad journey to where we are staying as we had to get a metro and walk down roads using some confusing instructions. However the lovely lady who we booked with came to meet us at the metro station and guided us to the hostel – lets just hope we remember the way back to the station tomorrow!!

The area we are staying in is very different to everywhere else we have stayed and we definitely are not in a tourist area –  but it all adds to the culture and it seems to be a really nice area.

As we were so exhausted from all the travelling we have been doing we decided to go to the supermarkets – the guys were lovely – and cooked ourselves dinner.

We made pesto pasta with salad (literally just lettuce) – which was actually very good if I say so myself (that may be because I made it)

We then decided it would be a good idea to try and watch a film on my phone – although very small we did enjoy watching “We’re the Millers” (but who wouldn’t!!)

Unfortunately then Izzy managed to somehow knock her head on a shelf – but no blood or tears and she still seems sane so hopefully nothing to worry about!!

We have now just sorted out our bags and prepared our things for tomorrow’s adventure and now are just relaxing and getting ready for bed.

Our apartment is really cute and is nice to have some privacy and a room to ourselves!

We have a lounge/kitchen/table and chairs, a bathroom and up the spiral staircase is a little bedroom!


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