Day 19: Pompeii and Sorrento

Today we woke up at 10:10 after managing to somehow not set the alarm correctly!! Luckily we were in no rush so got ready and headed on the train to Pompeii.

After getting the wrong train but realising and changing in time we finally arrived!

Of course Izzy was my fabulous tour guide again as after studying Pompeii in Classics she is a pro which is very useful for me as I was completely clueless!

There were original pots  and even plaster casts of people who had been killed in the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, preserved  through a technique developed by G. Fiorelli, where imprints of the human form were left behind in the solidified lava and filled with plaster. (Izzy had to write that bit)

Izzy was of course missing her work (at the bar) so of course took the opportunity to pretend to serve me a drink (I totally didn’t ask her to do this)

We spent hours exploring the ruins in the gorgeous weather and it was incredible to imagine people actually living there!

Some of the statues and paintings were incredible and really showed which houses were owned by more wealthy families and those less wealthy.

We then went to the amphitheatre and to the theatre where we enjoyed sitting on some more steps enjoying the views!

By this point we had explored all the areas we wanted to see, had got lost multiple times and were starving as it was 3:30 and we hadn’t found a place to eat lunch!!

So we left the ruins and headed over to a garden restaurant opposite for pizza and watermelon slushies that dyed Izzy’s tongue…

We then left Pompei Scavi and headed further out to Sorrento!!

The city was gorgeous and it was nice to be by the coast for a change after being in so many busy cities!!

The views we had were so incredible – it is such a gorgeous part of the world!

We then headed down to the port and also looked round the many, many souvenir shops – Sorrento is known for their lemons and so Limoncello was everywhere and there were also lot of chillies!

We also decided to buy matching anklets to go with out matching toms..

And we headed on the train back to Naples – which was around an hour so we enjoyed watching the sunset during the journey!

After finally arriving back to the apartment we just about managed to unlock the door – such a weird lock. We decided to cook some pasta (same as last night) and shower and relax after a fabulous day!


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