Today we had another (deliberately planned) lazy morning, got ready and got to the central station in Naples just before midday… Only to find the service workers there were on strike until just after 1pm and there were no other ways for us to buy the tickets we needed.

We therefore decided to explore the shops in the station and get some lunch to kill some time before getting the train.

Also we found a whole crowd of decorated Mickey Mouse’s in the middle of the station – so cute and reminded us of our Disney trip in Paris!

After queuing for a while we finally had our tickets and headed towards our platform… To see this:

Our platform was completely packed of people wanting to go to Herculaneum/Pompeii/Sorrento! Eventually, after a very hot but not too long train journey, we arrived at “Ercolano Scavi” and were very happy to get off the train!

We arrived at Herculaneum, which is a lot smaller than Pompeii!

We looked around all of the ruins, without getting lost and explored the different houses, bars and baths.

We were amazed how well preserved it was compared to Pompeii, there were so many original paintings, mosaics and wooden panels.

There were even skeletons left in what would have been the boat houses from the people who would’ve gone there to hide and shelter when Versuvius began to erupt which was really sad and slightly creepy.

After we had finished exploring the ruins we decided to get an ice cream and decided as it was SO hot, we would head back to the apartment for a relaxing evening.

After a shorter, more pleasant journey back we were happy to get back to the apartment and decided to watch a film. Then cooker some more pasta, of course, and face timed our families.

We then had to sort out our bags – AGAIN – one of the only bad things about travelling between lots of cities!

We have really enjoyed having some more relaxed times in Naples after a busy 2 and a half weeks – made even better by having our own apartment!

We are now going to bed ready for a new city tomorrow!


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