Today we packed up our bags and left our little apartment in Naples.

After what seemed like a very long walk and metro journey we finally found the Alibus station that took us to the airport.

We were very excited again to be able to put our bags on a trolley as they are so heavy on our backs when walking.

After waiting for about an hour we were able to check in our bags and grab some lunch before heading through security.

We were happy to find some very comfy couches to chill out on whilst waiting to board our plane.

At 15:30 it was finally time for us to board and say goodbye to Italy after having an incredible week here.

2 hours later, after a very smooth journey, we arrived in Barcelona! After waiting a while, our luggage finally arrived and we headed on yet another bus to our hotel.

We checked in and have a little twin room to ourselves which we are very happy about.

The journey from the airport was super easy and our hotel is right next to the bus stop which is a perfect location.

We then popped over the road to a restaurant recommended by the staff at the hotel which was really nice – but Barcelona is very humid!

After finishing dinner we headed back to the hotel and finished finally sorting out bags as I fly home tomorrow!! It’s gone so so fast but has been incredible, now it’s time for us to have our last evening together away and so are reminiscing on some of our favourite memories of the trip.


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