Day 22: HOME

Sadly today was the day that my trip came to an end as it was the day that I was heading home.

We got ready and left our little hostel and had to get the bus back to the airport.

After a little bus journey we arrived at the airport and I headed to find the bag drop desks.


This was sadly where I had to say goodbye to Izzy as she’s staying in Barcelona and meeting some of the other girls, it felt so weird travelling home alone and I already miss being around my partner.


After a very long queue I had finally checked in my bag – which apparently had to be classed as special luggage as my rucksack was so long!


At 13:00 I finally boarded the plane and was very happy to find I had an spare seat next to me so it was very nice to be able to spread out and relax.

After a 2 and a half hour flight I finally arrived back in Birmingham and was greeted by my lovely taxi service, Joe, and I was very grateful that he carried my rucksack!! He then dropped me to see mum whilst she was at her last at work which was so lovely.

Overall I have had an incredible trip and have done so many amazing things – it almost feels surreal! I would definitely recommend travelling – find a person who you get on well with and want to do similar things and spend the time planning it. It is so worth it!! Of course it wouldn’t have been the same without my partner in crime – Izz – and I wish her and the girls a safe and amazing time in Barcelona for the next few days. It’s so weird not spending every minute of every day with her anymore!

I am happy to be home and am definitely planning on having a few more relaxing days after the last busy 3 weeks.

I also just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for reading the blog and all the lovely comments about it. I’ve never done anything like this before and never thought I would but I have loved it and am excited to be able to look back at all the days to remember all the incredible things we did. However, I do need to say another thank you to Izzy for checking each day before I post for spelling mistakes and grammar as her English skills are much much better than mine.

There may be more blog posts in the future but for now, sadly, it’s goodbye.



One thought on “Day 22: HOME

  1. Helen McKeogh says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs. They’ve been an uplifting part of my day. Well done too for taking the initiative to plan, book and do it. Please do another trip Amy! It’s been lovely to read some good news for a change. Bless you, Helen xx


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