10 things to do in New York


Last Week I spent 4 days in New York and it was gorgeous – we were even lucky enough for it to snow on my sister’s 21st Birthday whilst we were there. New York is possibly one of my favourite cities as there is so much to see and do. I have therefore come up with my 10, possibly favourite, things to do in new York if you do get to visit.

  1. Film & TV Tour

We decided to do this on the first morning we were in New York as you travel round on a coach which meant we could explore so much of New York city! My favourite parts of the tour involved visiting Washington Square Park, the Friends’ building and the Ghostbusters’ Fire Station, all of which they allow you to get off the coach and take photos. The best part is they play clips of the films which are set in the areas of New York you are passing, so even if you haven’t seen the film you can see the clip of it and see it in real life.

2. Grand Central Station.

If you are a Gossip Girl lover, like myself, visiting Grand Central is a must for the iconic title scene! Apart from this iconic photo the whole station is beautiful and there are some lovely food and drink places to stop –even just for a coffee especially to escape the cold in December!

3. Empire State Building and/or Rockefeller centre

Of course the iconic Empire State Building and the Rockefeller centre had to be on my list. I decided to link these 2 together as I decided they were both quite a similar experience. One thing you can do is go up the buildings to have the most incredible views of New York city. We went up the Empire State in the evening and it was amazing to see the city lit up in lights. The Rockefeller centre it also lovely to go and visit to see the iconic tree and ice rink, as we went at Christmas time the tree was covered in Christmas lights and a Swarovski star.

img_7302     4. MoMA gallery

This Museum of Modern Art is full of paintings from so many famous artists including Monet and Jackson Pollock as shown below. My recommendation for this gallery is to start on the top floor and work your way down as we thought the best pieces of art are near the top.


5. Staten Island ferry to see Statue of Liberty.

This is always a good way to get close to the Statue of Liberty, particularly as the ferry is free! It goes from Manhattan on 4th Street to Staten Island and the journey takes about 25 minutes. It is also lovely to see the New York skyscrapers from a distance.

6. Explore Central Park

We managed to get a really good deal from one of the people who ride the bikes and you sit in the carriage behind them. This is about a 50 minute round trip that lets you see the whole of Central Park and they give you a tour letting you stop off at iconic places to take photos. We found this was a perfect way to see the whole park because it is SO big! Alternatively you can explore part of the park on foot and maybe even enjoy the ice skating rink that is there in the winter!

7. Times Square

Of course when you visit New York it is essential to go to Times Square for the incredible lights and shops!


8. Broadway Show

I would also recommend going to see a show on Broadway if you visit New York! We decided to buy tickets before we went to see School of Rock on Lucy’s 21st which was incredible. However, another alternative is to go to the ticket stand under the red seats on Times Square which opens around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and let you buy tickets for shows that evening at a discounted price. We decided to get discounted to see the Christmas Spectacular starring the Radio City Rockettes, which was also fantastic.

9. Radio City Music Hall Tour

This is perfect for all dance and musical lovers. You get to explore the Radio City Music Hall behind the scenes, learn about all the history of the hall, meet a Rockette and see where they rehearse, hold auditions and multiple different costumes they have worn over the years.

10. 9/11 Memorial Museum

This is a very emotional experience but it has been done so well. The museum is very informative and is a lovely memorial. I would definitely recommend visiting here if you were to get a chance.

These were my personal top 10 things to do in New York, however if you do get extra time to spare I would definitely suggest exploring Fifth Avenue with all the designer shops (even if it is just to window shop) as the shops are amazing, particularly at Christmas to see their decorations.

There are many other things to do in New York but we were exhausted by the end of our trip and couldn’t have possibly squeezed anything else in! New York is a fantastic place to visit and I would definitely recommend it.


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