How do I revise?

I am currently (trying to) revise for 3 January Uni exams and, over the years, I have slowly been finding different things that help me to revise and decided I would post them. Each one may not be suitable for everyone and there are many other ways to revise, as everyone is motivated and revises in different ways.

Time Management

I find that time management is key for revision. The worst thing when you’re revising is when you simply can’t focus and end up reading the same sentence multiple times without it going in. To overcome this, I have found that I work best if I focus for 45 minutes and then take a 15 minute break completely away from my desk or revision. Overall, each section of revision adds up to an hour – this also makes it easier to plan revision. During the 45 minutes I always keep my phone in another room, or turned off, to stop myself being distracted and then, during the 15 minute break, I turn my phone back on and use it during the break. Other ideas for the 15 minute breaks is doing things you need to get done such as tidying, walking the dog or even just watching TV as a break.

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Revision Timetable

Last year I found a website called Get Revising. This is an online resource that plans a revision timetable of 1 hour blocks for you around any other plans you already have. All you do is enter which exams you have and how many hours you want to spend on each exam – this means it will allow you to spend longer on exams you find harder or simply takes longer to learn. You can also enter any other activities you do during the week for example going to the gym or the Cinema and it will plan your revision around this. This leads onto another tip – make sure you get out the house and do something you enjoy during the revision period. Trust me, you’ll go stir crazy if you’re stuck inside all day.

Exercise and Healthy eating

As cheesy as it sounds a healthy body = a healthy mind. Personally, if I go to the gym in the morning or do exercise I find I am a lot more productive throughout the day. Also I find I can concentrate for longer if I have eaten healthily throughout the day compared to if I have eaten unhealthy. Therefore, keeping yourself healthy during the revision period is another tip I would suggest.


Getting a decent sleep

This is definitely easier said than done but is very important when trying to be productive throughout the day. A few ways that help me to get at least 8 hours a night is using a pillow spray, using natural remedies such as sleeping drops and listening to music to help you sleep. Also, working out what time of day you work best in will also help to be productive. For example, I have found I work better in the morning and therefore getting up earlier is effective for me.


Identify your goals

My main motivation is when I think about what revising will help me to achieve. For A levels, for example, I was revising to get the grades I needed to go to Leeds and this year I am revising to achieve the grades I need to apply for a year in Industry in my 3rd year. When I think about these goals it makes me feel more motivated and I find I work harder. Another way to visualise your goals is by creating a goal board – this way when you’re revising and feel like giving up, you can look at the board and you may feel more motivated to continue.

I hope you can take at least one piece of advice from this post and good luck to anyone with exams or mocks coming up in the near future x


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