My 2017 Goals

I have called these “My 2017 Goals” as I feel I am far too late to call them my New Year’s resolutions considering that would mean that within the first 2 weeks of 2017 I have already failed them. This year, instead of setting myself the typical goals of going to the gym 5 times a week, eating clean and drinking 4 litres of water a day, I have decided to set myself achievable goals that I will work on throughout the year because – let’s be real – I’m never going to stick to those goals.

  1. Eat less dairy

If you know me then you will know I’m lactose intolerant so you make think this was a given. However, I can still eat small amounts of dairy without it affecting me, but often I forget I can only have a bit and let’s be honest after eating 6 squares of Dairy Milk who can stop?! This makes me end up feeling bloated and tired and therefore I need to cut down on my dairy intake (or rather I should say, my chocolate intake).

  1. Write a blog post a week

This is a goal I wanted to set for myself as I love writing these posts and it makes me take time out of my week to do something COMPLETELY different from my Uni work. I know I’m not the best writer in the world but it’s a hobby that I enjoy so I want to encourage myself to do it on a regular basis.

  1. Save Money

As I am now a university student I have to budget. Like seriously budget. I can’t be going shopping for the sake of shopping and therefore, this year I want to save as much money as I can to spend on other people and travelling (see next post). Of course, now and then I will treat myself but there’s nothing quite like giving presents to people – especially when you find the perfect present that you know they’ll love and not expect.

  1. Travel more

I love travelling.  I love going on holiday. I love sharing the experience of going somewhere completely new with friends and family. Ever since travelling around Europe in the summer I got the “travel bug” and now have a list of places I would love to visit in the future. I love looking back on photos and blog posts from previous trips and remembering how much I enjoyed them. So far I have already booked to go to Budapest for a weekend in February and hope to be visiting many other places too over the year.

  1. Give up something new every month

This is going to be a challenging one. So far, I am successfully doing dry January and every month I will give up something different. Other things I will give up include chocolate, meat and bread. I don’t really know why I have set this goal but I just guess this is a test for myself to see how much self-control I have.

  1. Volunteer

I don’t have a job whilst at University but I would really like to get into a routine of volunteering somewhere every week.  I feel it would give me a break from University work, help me to build skills and will also give back to the community. If I can’t get somewhere in Leeds I will definitely try to do something over the summer at home.

  1. Try to run a half marathon

Now this is probably the least likely to happen but, hey ho, might as well reach for the stars. Part of the issue is that I currently have a problem with my shoulder, but once that has been solved I should be able to get back into exercising more often. Another issue is the timing of the half marathon’s as Birmingham has one in October, when I’ll be back in Leeds, and Leeds has one in the middle of May, when I’ll be revising for my exams. This being said I guess I will settle with just improving my long-distance running. That’ll do for me.

I shall be very interested to find out if I manage to actually achieve any of these goals but even if not I’m not going to beat myself up about it – at least the thought was there. See you next week x

PS I have managed to write this post at 23:24 on a Friday night whilst multitasking, singing karaoke and entertaining a drunk Emily – that is what true University life is like.



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