Dreaded task: Food Shopping

Moving to University is a big change and there are lots of dreaded jobs you have to learn to do on your own, including: cleaning, washing, cooking and, of course, the dreaded weekly food shop.  At first it seems like a large amount of effort and I would spend ages wandering around the supermarket trying to decide what on earth I needed to buy. Gradually I have learnt tips and tricks to master the incredibly difficult art of food shopping and here are some of my top tips:

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Skincare and beauty products

Todays post is going to be about 8 of my top skincare and beauty products that I use every week. Just a disclaimer to begin this post: I am no beauty guru and I have absolutely no training in beauty. However, I have tried and tested these products for over a month, at least, and any opinions are 100% my own.


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Day 1: Friday

On the 3rd of February, we began our trip to Budapest with the Business Society.
At 11:00 we got on the coach in Leeds and had a 3 hour journey to Luton Airport – I know, I know it seems a ridiculously long way to go, however it was the only way for everyone on the trip to get to Budapest on the same night.

We arrived at the airport and had some food from Pret and then headed to the plane. The flight was only about 2 and a half hours and we arrived in Budapest at 21:00.

We checked into our hostel which was called Goodmo hostel and literally had 15 minutes to drop our bags and quickly freshen up to go straight to meet others from the trip at a bar!

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We went to a bar called Szimpla Kertmozi which had multiple different bars for different drinks, for example there was a wine bar, a beer bar, a cocktail bar etc. Even better – a glass of wine there was only £1!!

We then headed home and were very happy to get into bed because we were SO exhausted (of course we had to pick up a subway on the way home which may or may not have made us get lost – but we can just blame Emily for that…)

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Balancing Life at University

I absolutely love being a University student, however I think I would love it just that slightly bit more if I didn’t have the constant feeling of running out of time to do things 24/7. You still haven’t finished your work for the next day, you have no food left in the flat (apart from an inedible brown banana you bought last week in attempt to be healthy) and you’re meant to be going out to Mischief dressed up as a lobster in an hour with no outfit?! Trust me – I’ve been there. (Proof below)

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You are more than likely to understand, if you are at university, that managing your time is a pure skill. Your time is precious and managing it is a skill that will probably take longer to learn than any module in your degree (apart from economics; that still doesn’t make sense.

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