Day 1: Friday

On the 3rd of February, we began our trip to Budapest with the Business Society.
At 11:00 we got on the coach in Leeds and had a 3 hour journey to Luton Airport – I know, I know it seems a ridiculously long way to go, however it was the only way for everyone on the trip to get to Budapest on the same night.

We arrived at the airport and had some food from Pret and then headed to the plane. The flight was only about 2 and a half hours and we arrived in Budapest at 21:00.

We checked into our hostel which was called Goodmo hostel and literally had 15 minutes to drop our bags and quickly freshen up to go straight to meet others from the trip at a bar!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

We went to a bar called Szimpla Kertmozi which had multiple different bars for different drinks, for example there was a wine bar, a beer bar, a cocktail bar etc. Even better – a glass of wine there was only £1!!

We then headed home and were very happy to get into bed because we were SO exhausted (of course we had to pick up a subway on the way home which may or may not have made us get lost – but we can just blame Emily for that…)

Day 2: Saturday

We woke up at around 9:30, had some breakfast that was provided by the hostel. They had some cereals, tea, coffee (lukewarm), bread, meat and cheese (I still can’t bring myself to eat ham and cheese for breakfast – no thank you). At about 11:00 Emily, Hannah, Katie and I headed out to begin exploring Budapest!

Our hostel was in an amazing location, located on the Pest side of the Danube river, and after only a 15 minute walk we arrived at the Central Market Hall. There were so many amazing smelling food stalls, all the groceries you could imagine and some gorgeous little souvenirs – it was such a shame that I only had hand luggage, which was already completely packed to the brim; it was tiny, so sadly I couldn’t buy anything.

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Right next to the market was the Liberty bridge which of course meant the first opportunity to take loaaaads of photos as shown below. It was so cool to walk along the bridge and see the different sides, Buda and Pest – plus the lighting was fabulous.

We then walked along the Buda side of the Danube river, taking in the views, up to the Chain bridge. It is safe to say Budapest is such a beautiful city, very picturesque.Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

We were then starving by this point, and we may have got a cheeky McDonalds, but following this we then tried the traditional Hungarian Kürtőskalács (also known as chimney cakes in America) which were amazing – it is basically a sweet dough, coated in your flavour of choice, which is spun and wrapped around a cone and then roasted to make the outside crisp. Yum.

We also stumbled upon a “beach bar” where we were able to relax on sun loungers and pretend it was a lot warmer than it actually was – I was obviously prepared and had my sunglasses out at the ready. (don’t judge)

After a well-earned 2 hour nap, we then started to get ready to go out and headed on to an organised bar crawl. We first got the tram and they took us to 4 really cool different bars around the city – the first being a karaoke bar which was definitely entertaining… We then ended up in a club which was only a 10 minute walk away from our hostel which was ideal.

Day 3: Sunday

Our second day of sightseeing and today we got a tram and a metro (we bought a public transport 24 hour pass that cost less than 5 euros) up to Heroes Square. Firstly, we went outdoor ice skating on a massive rink which was so much fun and the sun decided to come out which made it idyllic.

We then headed to Szechenyi thermal baths and relaxed there for about 2 hours and had some lunch there which was so nice and relaxing and it was so nice to take some time off thinking about work or university. There are a few areas to sit inside in a pool and jacuzzis and then there are 2 thermal baths and one swimming pool outside. It was so nice when you got slightly too warm to be able to jump out, shuffle across to another bath and relax again.


We then got the metro and tram back home and that evening the event was a boat party that gave us amazing views of the city including the parliament building lit up! It was incredible.


Day 4: Monday

After a late night, we woke up about 10:00 as we had to be leaving the hostel at 11:30. We left on a coach to the airport and it’s safe to say we all felt quite fragile. However, after some lunch and a BIG smoothie at the airport I was feeling a lot better and to top it off:  I even had an empty seat on the plane journey home next to me! The journey was smooth and we arrived back on time, picked up some snacks from M&S for the coach journey home and headed back to Leeds. 3 hours later and we were back where we started after a fabulous trip to Budapest, just 10 x more exhausted!

I know everyone says that Budapest is an inexpensive city but over the weekend I spent less than £70, I ate out for every meal and went out every night. It’s crazy! Also, the city isn’t actually that big, at least it doesn’t feel like it is, and therefore you feel like you get to see a lot of it, even if you are only there for a short period of time! I am definitely going to be returning as there are still lots of things I want to see such as the Buda castle, St Stephen’s Basilica and Margaret island.

Unfortunately, now it has kicked straight back in how much work I have to do and I am slowly having to get back into the routine of University life – but it was definitely worth it and I would recommend to anyone to go. Everything is really cheap and the bars are SO cool.


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