Skincare and beauty products

Todays post is going to be about 8 of my top skincare and beauty products that I use every week. Just a disclaimer to begin this post: I am no beauty guru and I have absolutely no training in beauty. However, I have tried and tested these products for over a month, at least, and any opinions are 100% my own.


Let’s start with beauty and then move onto skincare…

  1. Naked 3 palette
    I have seen so many mixed reviews about the pigment of these eyeshadows however, I’m not sure whether it is just because I don’t wear a massive amount of makeup altogether, but I love these eyeshadows. I wear the shade “trick” on a daily basis and use this and other shades when I am going on a night out. For me, it is the only eyeshadow palette I need and I find this is probably partly to do with my colouring as I have slightly tanned skin and brunette hair and therefore find that the underlying rose gold tones in these shadows really suit my skin tone. Plus- I love that they have a mixture of some glitter shadows and some that are matte! Definitely my go to eyeshadow palette for sure.
  2. MAC Soft & gentle highlighter
    This was a recommendation off a friend and I am so glad I purchased it. I managed to pick this up in duty free over the Christmas period and I have not used any other highlighter since. You really don’t need to use much product each time you use it and therefore I can tell this is going to last for a very long time – so it is definitely worth the money. This is perfect for a night out and let’s be real – when your highlighter is on point you feel fabulous.img_5073
  3. Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner
    This was another gift I received for Christmas and this is perfect if, like me, you suck at winged liner or just eyeliner in general. It is basically like a felt tip so it is super easy to apply and so far it has stayed on well throughout the day – I haven’t had any problems with it wearing off. However, one thing I will be interested to see is how long it takes before the pen dries up – a problem I have encountered with many other felt tip style eyeliners in the past.
  4. Beauty sponge
    As I mentioned earlier, I am not a heavy make up wearer and therefore liquid foundation is not something I used to often wear. However, looking back on it now I question how on earth I managed to apply it without a beauty blender. The sponge I use is the real techniques miracle complexion sponge (I daren’t put a photo up because it is old, dirty and I am in desperate need of a new one!!) All I do is dampen the sponge, so it expands and use it to dab my foundation on. I find it really helps me to blend in my foundation and concealer and I couldn’t imagine putting either on without one now.
  5. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
    This stuff is incredible. It has so many uses but I mainly use this on my lips when they feel chapped and (when I remember to use it) it makes such a difference! You can also use this cream for things such as shaping your brows, as a hand cream and also on your nails and cuticles. It has so many uses and as the tube is 50ml it lasts such a long time too! One thing I do have to say is that initially I didn’t like the scent of this but you soon get used to it and now it’s actually grown on me quite a lot.
  6. L’Oréal pure clay purity face mask
    I bought this in January in attempt to improve my skin and it feels amazing. It leaves my skin feeling incredible – it smells good, feels good and looks absolutely fabulous when on (totally not true). It works “deep into the pores, leaving skin purified and mattified”. I use this 2-3 times a week and it really helps me to take some time out of my week to look after myself and feel refreshed and I have found that my pores appear clearer and, so far, this year I have had less break outs which suggests it is doing its job.img_5106
  7. Tea tree spot stick
    I have been repurchasing this for years from Superdrug and I find it makes my spots go away so quickly. All I do is dab this stick on my spot when they come up and within 2 days they are completely gone – plus I just love the smell of any Tea tree products.img_5109
  8. Simple moisturiser
    This is another product that I have been repurchasing for years – however dry my skin is, a pea size amount of this moisturiser makes such a difference. It feels refreshing and so lightweight on your skin. I apply this every morning and every time I get out of the shower and find my skin no longer feels dry throughout the day.

I love these products and thought I’d share some of my favourite products that I genuinely use on a regular basis.

There are obviously so many other products that I love and use regularly and I will definitely be uploading a few other beauty related posts, so if you are interested in this style of posts then keep an eye out!


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