A look back on my year as an 18-year-old

Last week I turned 19 (that feels so weird to say). I feel like I was only 18 for a few weeks, however looking back there are many things I achieved in my year of being 18 years old. I guess this post is mainly for me to look back on in the future but, I thought, maybe some people would also find it interesting to know a bit more about myself and it may also encourage people to think of what they have achieved in their past year. (A bit of Saturday self-loving)

  1. Learnt to use a washing machine – (shameful I know) Starting at the lowest of the lows, this year my darling mother taught me to use the washing machine. This is the type of thing I used to do at home but had to be reminded how to use it EVERY time. However, of course, coming to university meant that I kind of needed to know this life skill, unless I wanted to stink 24/7 and have no friends, haha.
  2. Celebrated monumental birthdays – Firstly my Nan’s 90th back in September and we took her out for a gorgeous afternoon tea and also my Sister’s 21st in December, which we celebrated by going to New York City, both of which were so lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating these monumental events with my lovely family.
  3. Met a lot of INCREDIBLE new people – (WARNING: contents may get a bit soppy) When you move to University you make new friends – that’s just common knowledge, but I have met so many incredible people on my course and in my accommodation, that I love and have such similar interests to, that it feels like I have known them for SO much longer than 6 months. This is something I am very grateful for as their love and support has definitely made my University experience very enjoyable so far.
  4. Signed for my first house – This is possibly the scariest one of this list. I have signed for a house for my second year at University. Whilst terrifying and stressful at the time, I am now very excited. We have a cute and homely house in the “Student Hub” of Leeds, in Hyde Park, and I am living with 5 girls that I love. V excited.
  5. Gained a love for travelling – I have always loved going on holiday, however this shifted to a whole new level last year. Whilst planning and travelling around Europe for 3 weeks, I realised just how excited visiting other cities in different countries made me feel. I remember each and every one of them so vividly and have so many memories of them; now all I want to do is save my money to travel to the list of countries I can’t wait to visit!
  6. Overcame my fear of prawns – Ok I understand I sound completely bizarre right now and I didn’t necessarily have a fear of prawns however I would just avoid them completely, due to being sick after eating them when I was about 10 until…. REVELATION! Thanks to Bubba Gump Shrimp in New York I realised they aren’t all that bad. My sister had a dish with shrimps with a coconut batter that I tried and enjoyed! (I ended up kind of wishing I had the whole dish) Now I am willing to try dishes which contain prawns – that’s a big thing for me.
  7. Overcame my fear of needles – Originally I had put the last two points together however I felt that maybe I needed them as separate points to emphasise that they were mutually exclusive events. This fear was 100% bigger than my fear of prawns (because, being real, that one is a bit pathetic). When I say I had a fear of needles I mean every time I had any injection or blood test I would go as white as a sheet and I would faint. Every time without doubt. However, it was 1 session of hypnotherapy that completely changed my needle life (that sounds a bit weird but you understand what I mean).I am now able to go for an injection without fainting or feeling dizzy and that has honestly had a big impact on myself and my anxiety as this used to be something I used to absolutely dread.
  8. Learned to be in a long distance relationships – Whilst being at University, I am around 2 hours away from home and from Nottingham, where Joe is at University. This means I am basically 2 hours away from most of my family, friends and Joe. This is a massive change from being walking distance from everyone and so it definitely took some time for me to adjust. However I have learnt that it isn’t all as bad as it sounds, let’s just say Facetime is a blessing and now I find, when I have plans to see them, I get so excited and look forward to it so much that I really make the most of seeing them and I do not take them for granted at all.
  9. Began Cheerleading – When I joined University I really wanted to try something new and I chose cheerleading, which I have grown to love and definitely want to continue. It’s an amazing way of meeting new people and so nice to feel like you belong to a team. Cheerleading has also helped me to find my creative side as I have realised how fabulous I am at making fancy dress costumes from lobsters to rugby kits – I’m all over it!
  10. Started University and Passed my first university exams – The nerves for these exams were very high as these were the first exams I did at University, however I passed them and now feel more confident for my next set of exams. This is particularly helped as I do really love my course and feel like I am very suited to it (which I couldn’t be happier about.) Plus I do just love Uni life as a whole.

I haven’t necessarily set myself goals to achieve throughout my year as a 19-year-old, however I am feeling positive about my year to come and excited to see what I may learn in the future.


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