Presents for Students

Around 3 weeks ago it was my 19th birthday and I was very lucky to receive some lovely presents from my friends and family. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the presents that I received – potentially to help anyone struggling to buy a present for someone at University.

  1. Alcohol: Of course this is the top of the list for a University student! This is a perfect present as you know they are definitely going to appreciate and use it. I was lucky enough to get a bottle of “Pinkster” gin from my flat mates, such a thoughtful present as it is my favourite alcohol. Therefore, if you know what their favourite alcohol is, it is definitely a good choice of present.img_5154.jpg
  2. Speakers: This was such a nice surprise from my Mum as she got an amazon parcel sent to me to open on my birthday. Speakers are perfect for students to use to play music before going out and also when having film nights with a large group of people. Again, another present I will (and other students would) definitely use a LOT!
  3. Bags: From my Nan I got a rucksack. As mentioned in a previous blog post I suffer with bad shoulder pain and a rucksack has been perfect. When going to University I always take my laptop, a bottle of water, my purse, occasionally a textbook and this weighs my shoulders down. Therefore, rucksacks or any large shoulder bags are a good present as students use them on a daily basis. (My rucksack below was from New Look).IMG_5228
  4. Bath bombs: Although I currently don’t have a bath in my University halls, I now seriously appreciate my bath when I go home and I am SO excited that we have, not only one but TWO, baths in our house next year. It is very stressful being a student and therefore going home and having a bath with a bath bomb is very much appreciated (plus they are incredibly aesthetically pleasing)!!IMG_5229
  5. Experiences: This is possibly my FAVOURITE kind of present, not only as it is something that you’re not likely to go and do/pay for yourself but also because they create memories you will remember for years. Some examples are going to an indoor ski slope, indoor skydiving, getting your nails done, spa days, concerts or even just taking them out for a meal.
  6. Make up: A particularly special present for a student is high-end make up. The type of make up that they may not be able to buy for themselves. I was given a Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift (a three-in-one eyebrow tool) that I love. (I am just dreading when it runs out as I know I will definitely want to repurchase!)
  7. Kitchen Utensils: Ok this sounds like a bizarre topic but I spent ages trying to decide how to group these presents together. The items I was given under these categories are mugs, glasses, a fruit bowl, and a travel mug. Each of these are perfect for me. I was given a Starbuck’s mug that I have always wanted and 2 mugs with gin written on – I wonder how I come across at University… The glasses (again one had gin and tonic written on) are always perfect as it means when you have friends over at least you have enough glasses to offer them a drink! I actually, bizarrely, asked for a fruit bowl as I didn’t have anywhere to put fruit in my room – not the most exciting present for most but it really was for me.IMG_5158
  8. Recipe books: I have an array of recipe books at Uni because I find it so hard to come up with inspirations of things to cook – I imagine this is a common issue for people in self-catering accommodation and therefore is a perfect present.
  9. Vouchers and Money: If you’re not sure what to get them for their birthday this is definitely a good idea as they will have had to learn how to cope with a student budget. It isn’t very often that we get to treat ourselves. Plus this is definitely a better idea that getting them something you aren’t sure they’d really use.
  10. Room decorations: Examples of room decorations I was given include candles and pillows – in University halls you find that every room is laid out and looks exactly the same when you arrive yet within a matter of days they are transformed and are different for each and everyone’s personality. Therefore, in order to make their room as homely as possible different home decorations are definitely a good present idea.IMG_5164
  11. Waffle maker: This is a completely random but completely fantastic present and it comes with an array of recipes and so there will definitely be a type of waffle for everyone!IMG_5174

It is even more special if you are able to get the presents to the students on their Birthday if they are still at University – honestly, we barely ever get post and when we do it is a very exciting time!
Other ideas could include clothes and little essentials e.g. stationery that they may need/want but don’t want to have to spend their student budget on – giving them the chance to use this to treat them self a bit more!

Just a disclaimer – I am in no way trying to show off any presents I was given, I feel extremely lucky.


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