Road trip essentials

Last week I went on a road trip to Cornwall.  It is quite a far journey and I found there are definitely some essentials that can make journeys a whole lot better.

A car – Obviously. But also not forgetting a breakdown kit for the car – “touch wood” you won’t need to use it but it’s probably not worth taking the risk of not bothering to take it…

A Sat Nav – Very important when you have absolutely no clue where you are going, however you may want to consider turning the voice off or at least to a very low volume – unless you enjoy being told to carry along the motorway for 20 miles, 19 miles, 18 miles.. You get the idea.

Company – There is nothing worse than having to drive somewhere for hours on your own. It will drive you crazy. Try and arrange it so that you have someone else in your car – that way at least you won’t end up going stir crazy and end up talking to yourself for entertainment.

Good music – I rarely rely on the radio for music anymore: Who wants to listen to the same song played 3 times in an hour on Capital? In my opinion the best option is to create a playlist before your journey with a duration that is longer than the journey itself. Therefore, you are guaranteed to hear all your favourite songs and won’t get  ‘Galway girl’ played 10 times. Continue reading


My first photography lesson

I was lucky enough to meet with a family friend (and professional photographer) , Yad, last week to learn how to take better photos using my Canon 450D camera. I learnt so much and thought I would share the main tips that I learnt.

The first section we spoke about was how to use the camera – focussing on exposure. Previously I would use the automatic setting on the camera, where it changes with the settings automatically to take the photo that it presumes you want. However, using the manual, Av or Tv settings allows you to have more control of the camera and you are able to capture the exact photo you want. Exposure is influenced by 3 settings on the camera that work together and changing these settings can provide completely different photos, depending on whether you want to take a landscape photo (where all of the photo is in focus)…IMG_5373

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What I Eat In A Day


I woke up and dragged myself downstairs for breakfast. Recently I have been trying to not eat just before going to bed so find myself waking up very hungry (and grumpy).

Breakfast: Half a bowl of Bran Flakes with half a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (I couldn’t choose) with Alpro unsweetened almond milk.

Drink: I am trying to drink more water so today I kept track of how much I was drinking with the goal to drink around 2 litres. To start the day I began drinking a 600ml bottle of water.


Drink: After a few hours of University work it was definitely time for a coffee. We have a Tassimo coffee machine and I used a costa coffee americano capsule (ooo controversial in a Starbucks mug) with a dash of unsweetened almond milk.

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