Road trip essentials

Last week I went on a road trip to Cornwall.  It is quite a far journey and I found there are definitely some essentials that can make journeys a whole lot better.

A car – Obviously. But also not forgetting a breakdown kit for the car – “touch wood” you won’t need to use it but it’s probably not worth taking the risk of not bothering to take it…

A Sat Nav – Very important when you have absolutely no clue where you are going, however you may want to consider turning the voice off or at least to a very low volume – unless you enjoy being told to carry along the motorway for 20 miles, 19 miles, 18 miles.. You get the idea.

Company – There is nothing worse than having to drive somewhere for hours on your own. It will drive you crazy. Try and arrange it so that you have someone else in your car – that way at least you won’t end up going stir crazy and end up talking to yourself for entertainment.

Good music – I rarely rely on the radio for music anymore: Who wants to listen to the same song played 3 times in an hour on Capital? In my opinion the best option is to create a playlist before your journey with a duration that is longer than the journey itself. Therefore, you are guaranteed to hear all your favourite songs and won’t get  ‘Galway girl’ played 10 times.

Laptop/ DVD player and headphones – This was my favourite thing to do when I was younger and we were going on long car journeys. Picking out my favourite movies and setting them up in the car actually made me almost excited for the journey – perfect if you don’t quite agree with your parents music taste…

Sunglasses – Particularly if you are the driver or front seat passenger, getting the sun in your eyes is painful, especially if it’s for a long period of the journey. (Sadly this was the one thing I forgot for our trip and therefore from experience I would say this is definitely an essential)

Travel tablets – If you’re like me and slightly sensitive to travel sickness then you should definitely take one – just to be on the safe side.

Food – My FAVOURITE section. You may feel different, but road trips scream M&S to me. The excitement when I was younger (Ok I’ll admit, still to this day) of stopping at the service stations and choosing what I want to eat was the best. Particularly when there was an M&S – Percy pigs, juices, crisps – treats that usually I wouldn’t get to have. Of course I wouldn’t say no to a McDonald’s breakfast or a KFC either…IMG_5461IMG_5464

Drinks – if you are the driver, and you like hot drinks, a coffee is definitely essential, particularly if you are driving in the morning or evening. Other good drinks to have are energy drinks and, of course, plenty of water. It is horrible to feel really thirsty for hours – that being said it is equally as unpleasant to have to hold in a wee so do drink in moderation…

Comfort – Particularly important for LOOONG journeys, and also if you’ve had to get up super early for the journey. A blanket and pillow is perfect to help you doze off and be comfy on the journey. (PLEASE NOTE: this is only applicable for passengers – sorry drivers)



One thought on “Road trip essentials

  1. Yad says:

    Totally agree about your point on sunglasses – couldn’t drive distances without them. One extra tip though: get ones with polarised lenses. They cut out glare and stray light and are perfect for driving. The sky is a deeper blue and glare reflecting from wet road surfaces lit by the sun is completely eliminated. They may cost a few pounds more but are worth every penny.

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