My Primark Favourites 2017

I guess you could call this my first ever mini haul. I have decided to write this post to show my favourite items that I have bought from Primark since starting University. Recently I have relied on Primark quite a lot (not only for fancy dress for Cheerleading socials but also for some retail therapy).

Some of these products were bought up to 6 months so please don’t expect to go into the shop and find them still there.

Up to date items:

Cushions (£5 each)

I absolutely LOVE these cushions. The colours and patterns together really bright up my bedding and bring a summer. I love the mini pom-poms around the edge of the pillow and for £5 they are a steal!

Lounge set (Present)

Unfortunately as these were a present I don’t know what they cost – however these are SO incredibly comfortable and I wear these pretty much every evening. (I promise I do wash them) There is nothing better than coming back home, knowing there’s no where you need to be that evening and putting on your comfy clothes – these are 100% my go to choice.

Denim Jacket (£15)
IMG_5709.jpgAnother item I adore and wear ALL the time. I used to have a denim jacket when I was younger and I am so happy they have been coming back into fashion recently. I found this denim jacket and fell in love with it. For only £15 it is really good quality and an even bigger bonus is that it goes with everything.
I really want to buy some pins and some patches to decorate this with at a later date to personalise it!

Denim dungaree dress (£15 ish)

Again, another staple to my wardrobe at the moment and perfect for these few summery days that we have been greeted with! I love wearing this dungaree dress with sweatshirts and tights underneath but it is also good with t- shirts and sandals when it gets slightly warmer. Perfect for every season and another item you could  personalise.

Stripy Vest Dress (£5)
Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of this dress but just picture this cami top as longer and bam!  – That’s basically the dress.
Whilst I haven’t had a chance to wear this so far I know it will be perfect for summer holidays or during the, very few, summer days that we get here in the UK. You could style it on its own with some little heeled sandals or even with a denim jacket to dress it down slightly.

Long sleeve ribbed black dress (£5 in the sale)

I love this dress with black tights and black heeled boots, perfect for a meal out with friends (incredibly stretchy) and incredibly flattering. I love the ribbed detail and, for £5 in the sale, I will definitely be getting my money’s worth!

Blue slip on wedge heels (£10)
These were slightly out of my comfort zone and at first I saw them I didn’t buy them, however… when I saw them again I just had to pick them up. My favourite colours so far to wear this season is light blue and these go perfectly with my denim dress and also with colouttes.

Plain sweatshirts (£5 each)

These are a staple and a MUST HAVE for Uni students who get up late and do not want to think about what they need to put on. I have both a pink and a navy one – however I must add that they come up quite small. I am usually a size 8 and I bought it in size 12 and even so it is only slightly baggy, so definitely buy them a few sizes bigger than you usually would get unless you want them tighter. They are super comfy and perfect to throw on.

Items bought up to 6 months ago:

Fairy lights (around £6)
I bought these before I came to Uni and I love them, however I remember them being really affordable. They are perfect to help relax, I love to turn them on in the evening whilst laying in bed to chill out. So affordable and definitely make your room more homely.

Heeled boots (Brown and Black both £14)

These are amazing. I bought the brown boots first, wore them so much and so I decided to also buy them in black. I wear them both SO much and find them very comfortable to walk in. I bought these last October/November time but I can wear them Autumn, Winter and Spring – very versatile shoes.

Tan pinafore (£14)

This was, again, bought last October/November time but I still wear this all the time. Perfect for layering – you can put it again with sweatshirts or t-shirts underneath and with tights or without. I love this on a day to day basis but also dressed up with a shirt underneath for a more formal night out.

I hope you have enjoyed my current Primark favourites. There are so many things in store currently that I love and I will definitely be taking another trip soon. (Obviously just as a means of relaxation over exams…) I wish anyone who is taking exams anytime soon with the best of luck and remember to RELAX.


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