Another Primark Haul? June 2017

OK – I know I have recently posted a Primark haul but, I promise, I haven’t been spending all my money there… However, as I have just finished my exams, I decided that I definitely had a good excuse to treat myself to some retail therapy – plus with Primark’s current range I couldn’t resist!


Every year I treat myself to a new bikini from Primark – they are amazing value for money and last for at least a few years. This year I may have treated myself to 2… but hey ho, I couldn’t decide. (Continuing to use the “just finished my exams” excuse…)

The first bikini I got was a camo green halter neck bikini with a circular pattern. I love this bikini as it is very flattering on, however the only risk is dodgy tan lines as it would leave you with a very pale chest, therefore you would have to make sure you vary up the bikinis you wear on holiday!

IMG_5825 (1)IMG_5820 (1)The second bikini I got was this gorgeous white bikini with leaf print which, luckily, won’t give you any awkward tan lines!! This bikini would look amazing with a tan, so I guess this is an excuse for me to book a holiday – yes?



Black Culottes

The next thing I picked up was a pair of black culottes for only £13 – a bargain compared to how much you would pay somewhere else yet they are such a good quality and so comfortable. Another reason why I love these trousers is because they are perfect for a variety of different occasions: during the day, on a night out or even to wear to work – they look very smart when paired with a shirt.


Rose gold copper basket

I got so excited when I found this (lame I know) because I have been looking for something like this, to store my beauty products in, for ages. I think this will look perfect on my desk whilst making it easier to access my products. This would be perfect for storing anything in – even food, and at £3 you can’t really say no.


Workout clothes

In the workout range, I firstly picked up a workout swimming costume. This was a bargain – reduced to £3. Yes, £3. I have been searching for a swimming costume like this for ages and it actually feels like a good quality – particularly for the amount of money I paid! Also, the pattern on it reminds me so much of Ted Baker – making it look like it’s worth so much more than I paid for it!


Also from the workout range, I picked up a plain navy sports bra for just £2 and a gym top for only £3. At University it is so expensive to do a clothes wash every week which makes it really difficult to find clean gym clothes, so when I find bargains like this I don’t think twice!! I own a lot of Primark workout clothes and they have all lasted and washed really well – incredible value for money.



I have only recently found my love for rucksacks, after receiving one for my birthday which I have been using for everything – university, shopping, travelling but, whilst it is very versatile, sometimes it is a bit too big. Just so you have an idea – this rucksack is just slightly too small to fit in a laptop and so is perfect for shopping/ day trips without having to carry a hand bag. It is a pale pink, nude colour with a gorgeous gold detailing on the zips and goes with basically every outfit. I know I am going to use this all the time and, for only £10, I will definitely get my money’s worth. I am currently on a train to London whilst I write this and am already using it and loving it!



This bralette Is gorgeous. It is embroidered with flowers and for £8 it is so comfortable. The bright colours makes it perfect to wear under a mesh top for a night out or, as it is so comfortable, for everyday wear.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I picked up from Primark – all of this was bought within the last week and so should still be in stock if you are interested in picking anything up. As I said in my previous post, I am going to be posting a lot more as I am now finished with University and have over 3 months off for Summer!

I wish the best of luck to anyone who is still taking their exams and for those who have finished, relax and enjoy your summer!


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