Dreaded task: Food Shopping

Moving to University is a big change and there are lots of dreaded jobs you have to learn to do on your own, including: cleaning, washing, cooking and, of course, the dreaded weekly food shop.  At first it seems like a large amount of effort and I would spend ages wandering around the supermarket trying to decide what on earth I needed to buy. Gradually I have learnt tips and tricks to master the incredibly difficult art of food shopping and here are some of my top tips:

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Balancing Life at University

I absolutely love being a University student, however I think I would love it just that slightly bit more if I didn’t have the constant feeling of running out of time to do things 24/7. You still haven’t finished your work for the next day, you have no food left in the flat (apart from an inedible brown banana you bought last week in attempt to be healthy) and you’re meant to be going out to Mischief dressed up as a lobster in an hour with no outfit?! Trust me – I’ve been there. (Proof below)

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You are more than likely to understand, if you are at university, that managing your time is a pure skill. Your time is precious and managing it is a skill that will probably take longer to learn than any module in your degree (apart from economics; that still doesn’t make sense.

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How do I revise?

I am currently (trying to) revise for 3 January Uni exams and, over the years, I have slowly been finding different things that help me to revise and decided I would post them. Each one may not be suitable for everyone and there are many other ways to revise, as everyone is motivated and revises in different ways.

Time Management

I find that time management is key for revision. The worst thing when you’re revising is when you simply can’t focus and end up reading the same sentence multiple times without it going in. To overcome this, I have found that I work best if I focus for 45 minutes and then take a 15 minute break completely away from my desk or revision. Overall, each section of revision adds up to an hour – this also makes it easier to plan revision. During the 45 minutes I always keep my phone in another room, or turned off, to stop myself being distracted and then, during the 15 minute break, I turn my phone back on and use it during the break. Other ideas for the 15 minute breaks is doing things you need to get done such as tidying, walking the dog or even just watching TV as a break.

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